JBT Frigoscandia

The Frigoscandia brand is synonymous for highest quality and best consistency in freezing many different IQF products such as berries, cut fruit, vegetables in FloFreezers, fish fillets and portions, meat patties, chicken parts and patties, batter and breaded foods (meat, chicken, fish, vegetables) as well as prepared foods and sauces.

Frigoscandia became a member of the JBT FoodTech family in 1996, in-turn supplying JBT FoodTech with a vast sea of expertise in the areas of freezing and chilling.

Frigoscandia created the frozen foods market as we know it today by inventing and bringing to the market breakthrough freezers like the FLoFREEZE®, the PELLoFREEZE®, the ADVANTEC™ and the self-stacking GYRoCOMPACT® spiral freezer, the most sold freezer in the world. Frigoscandia represents not only the leading freezing technology, but it has a wealth of applications knowledge at its disposal as well.

JBT FoodTech has continued along that path and today Frigoscandia is now a very successful product line. We continue the achievements made at Frigoscandia by bringing to market superior freezing and chilling products like the M-series GYRoCOMPACT spiral freezer, a giant leap forward in freezing technology.

  • Advantec Impingement Freezer

    Frigoscandia ADVANTEC Impingement Freezer achieves rapid heat removal without otherwise affecting the product, our patented Frigoscandia Equipment ADVANTEC impingement airflow technology excels - both at freezing and chilling.
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  • Advantec Steel Belt Impingement Freezer

    The Frigoscandia ADVANTEC™ Steel Belt Impingement Freezer combines the best features of our top-of-the-line contact and impingement freezers in one machine. It is all you need to do the job!
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  • Flat Products Freezer

    The Frigoscandia Flat Product Freezer was originally designed to perfectly fit two 700 mm forming machines. Today, it is the standard configuration for high-volume, high-throughput formed products like hamburger patties.
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  • GyroCompact Classic Europe Spiral Freezer

    Compact and user-friendly, the GYRoCOMPACT® Classic Europe spiral freezers are the cost-effective way to gain the performance, reliability and throughput expected of a Frigoscandia freezer in an ideal size for mid-range capacities.
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  • GYRoCOMPACT® M-Series Spiral Freezer

    The Frigoscandia GYRoCOMPACT® M-series spiral freezer is one of our uniquely successful self-stacking spiral freezers, chillers and proofers.
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  • IQF Flo Freezer

    Frigoscandia pioneered IQF technology in 1962. Since then, several million tons of fresh food products have been successfully and profitably frozen in FLoFREEZE® IQF freezers.
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  • Super Contact Freezer

    With a Frigoscandia SuperCONTACT crust freezer between your production line and spiral freezer enables a safe, gentle finish-freezing in your spiral
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