Our Company holds exclusive rights to sell and service food processing machinery that are manufactured by several suppliers, our Principals.

We classify their machinery into Equipment Groups, which process Food Types using Process Lines.

In addition we also manufacture some Equipment Groups in Paarl, notably spiral freezers for freezing IQF chicken, carton freezers, conveyor belts and support platforms.

  • Albrecht Machinery

    Albrecht Machinery locally manufactured carton freezers, spiral chillers as well as spiral freezers for IQF chicken parts, all with distinctive features and advantages.

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  • Cabinplant

    Cabinplant's main focus areas are within fish, shellfish, fruit, vegetables, berries and convenience foods. On top of this they provide weighing and packing solutions for a wide range of industries.

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  • DJM

    DJM Foodprocessing Elburg develops and manufactures machines for the food processing industry, specialised in filling, forming and packing machines.

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  • JBT Double D

    JBT Double-D manufacturer and install of custom-built ovens for the baking industry, and cookers, smokers and searer/grill markers for the meat, poultry, fish, vegetable and ready meal industries.

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    JBT DSI Improves yield and decrease labor with DSI waterjet portioning systems. Produce portions, nuggets or chunks, fat-free product and strips efficiently - all on one machine

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  • JBT Frigoscandia

    JBT Frigoscandia is the world’s leading solutions provider of freezers and chillers

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  • JBT Stein

    JBT Stein is a global supplier of portioning, coating, frying, cooking and freezing systems. For single pieces of equipment to complete processing systems.

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  • Rademaker

    Rademaker is your partner in food processing and bakery equipment. they deliver production solutions for any dough or pastry based product.

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