Stein MSF-30 Multi-Stage Filter

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Stein MSF-30 Multi-Stage Filter

The Stein MSF-30 is a continuous filtration system ideal for use with hard-to-filter flour-style coatings. Its design eliminates the use of costly filter paper, while achieving fine-particle filtration down to 15 micron.

The MSF design features a three stage filtering process

Stage one:

  • Continuous coarse filtration through a 1/8” pitch flat flex belt is designed to eliminate large particles from the system.

Stage two:

  • Ultra fine filtration down to 15 microns is accomplished via a pressure differential cyclone filter utilizing the principle of centrifugal separation. The clean oil exits directly back to the fryer while the sediment-laden oil is delivered directly to the third and final stage.

Stage three:

  • The heavy sediment is continuously removed from the fryer-filter system through a 60-micron stainless steel woven belt. The filtered oil from this step is redirected through the hydro-cyclone for further fines removal.

MSF Filter Benefits

  • Continuous filtration extends the life of frying oil and minimizes the formation of free fatty acids
  • Design incorporates a coarse crumb filtration, centrifugal fines separation, and fines removal stages for improved product quality
  • Complete accessibility eases the cleaning process

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