ProBake Continuous contact cooker

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Stein ProBake

  • Continuous contact cooker with bottom heating platens only
  • Generates the desired under-sole for any dough based bakery item
  • The only product control variables are the platen temperatures and time
  • Relatively short dwell time/fast belt speed
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Prepares the bottom surface of food product for direct transfer to the next step
  • Contact heating occurs as food items travel on a Teflon coated belt over a series of heated platens
  • Delivers uniform heat transfer across the width of the belt
  • Provides precise temperature control
  • Based on empirical data, the required under-sole is generated in less than one minute assuring high quality products
  • Very little premature internal cooking takes place. This is equivalent to in-pan processing
  • Ensures hygienic environment, reliable production and ease of maintenance

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