Double D Multi-purpose cooker

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The Double D Multi-Purpose Cooker is hugely versatile and capable of any task in the further processing of meat, fish, poultry, vegetables and ready meals. The cooker can be custom-built and can steam cook, roast or bake all in the same chamber.

It can cook by dry heat only up to 280˚C, by steam from the factory boiler, or cook using a combination of steam and dry heat.

As a result, it can:

  • steam cook hams, chicken, vegetables, rice or pulses
  • roast chicken, beef, lamb, ham or pork joints
  • cook a wide range of fish and recipes dishes, including all types of ready meals
  • produce chicken portions or flavored poultry
  • bake potatoes
  • cook hamburgers, sausages and bacon
  • roast a wide variety of vegetables

Special features and benefits:

  • A rotating turntable and highly efficient airflow system produce a consistent cook and even coloring every time
  • A customised SCADA software system which records every parameter of every cook, even in a power failure
  • A highly rated, fuel-efficient burner provides a very solid heat
  • A fully programmable, user-friendly CCS 2 controller provides complete control over all parameters of every cook, and the ability to store up to 100 programs
  • A SCADA control and monitoring system as a record of due diligence
  • Chart recorders, cabinet temperature and internal product temperature probes
  • Custom-built drainage systems

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