Albrecht Machinery offers machinery for food producers covering the following processes

Freezing, Chilling, Frying, Cooking, Roasting, Baking, Proofing, Steaming, Searing, Blanching, Thawing,Drying, Slicing, Dicing, Cutting, Peeling, Breading, Battering, Coating, Filling, Multihead weighing, Forming and extruding machines, thermoforming packaging machines, Carton erectors, fillers and closers, doughprocessing equipment, pie lines, baking equipment.

We are agents for a number of world leading suppliers of food processing equipment. These agencies complement each other so that we are able to provide complete solutions to your various processing needs.

Some of the agencies we represent are:

  • Stein – Cooking, Frying and coating specialists

  • Frigoscandia – In line Freezing specialists. Spiral, impingement, fluidized bed, contact
  • freezing, chilling, steaming and proofing.

  • Albrecht Machinery – Locally manufactured automated continuous Carton freezer for bulk freezing
    of products in cartons or the like.
  • Double D – Cooking and baking technologies
  • Cabinplant – Vegetable and fish processing specialists including Multihead Weigher
    packaging solutions.
  • Rademaker – Dough processing equipment, pie lines, baking equipment.
  • Hallde – Commercial Food preparation machinery.
  • DeJong – Product Forming, extruding, co-extruding, meatballs and thermoforming
    packaging machines.
  • ETI – Fish handling technology (pumps)
  • PPM – Potato Processing Machinery – French fry & crisp lines
  • Gouda – Steam peeling equipment
  • DSI – Water jet cutting, poultry, fish, red meat.
  • Emballage – Carton erectors, fillers and closers

We support these products by offering the following related services

  • Project management.
  • 2nd hand machinery dealers.
  • AutoCAD drawing services.
  • Equipment moving and refurbishing.
  • Trained technical support.
  • Equipment servicing.
    • Spare parts support
    • Building of equipment to complete turnkey projects. Eg. Conveyors, platforms, etc.
    • Installation of services to complete turn key projects. Eg piping and cable ways.

Albrecht Machinery has an extensive reference of installations and amongst others has the biggest installed base of mechanical freezers in South Africa today. We pride ourselves on creating long term partnerships with our customers.

We thank you for the interest shown in our company and hope that the above information is of value. Should you require additional information or brochures please let us know and we will be happy to send these to you.